Bongu Bundy

Award winning programme for best Magazine Programme Bongu Bundy has been rated most watched television programme during the early morning hours. Viewers of all ages from all over the Maltese Islands eagerly wait for the weekday morning show as to be updated with the latest news.

The breakfast show is presented and produced by John Bundy, a familiar face to Maltese viewership. Award winning presenter John Bundy is definitely no stranger to the morning show having 25 years of experience. Bundy, well known for his spontaneity will make sure his viewers and fans kick start their day with a fun yet informative environment. Bongu Bundy has its own unique way of including its viewers to participate during the programme as well as keeping them very well entertained during the 3 hour morning show.

Bongu Bundy's discussed topics vary from day to day. Giving priority to subjects of general interest such as health, education, politics, science and the arts, the production of the programme also included cookery slots. Daily mouth-watering dishes are demonstrated, of which recipes viewers are able to download through Bongu Bundy's website, along with fashion tips for every occasion.