Affari Taghna

Affari Taghna is now in its third season, although not considered as a new -comer anymore, it is still in its infant stage compared to its competitor who shares the same prime-time slot on Friday night. Affari Taghna managed to create a new way to discuss issues and facts on Maltese television. Affari Taghna discusses anything with anyone, Affari Taghna’s mission statement is, listen, listen, and listen, let the people talk.

 Although Affari Taghna is made up only by a few members within its production team, all have good knowledge of, as well as in, journalism and TV production. Award winner Producer and presenter John Bundy has, for the past twenty years, kept his name and popularity amongst Malta's top 3 best presenters further aiding the programme's rapid increase in popularity.

 Affari Taghna is rated amongst the 10 most viewed programmes on Maltese television and still shoots up to fantastic viewership ratings in each survey conducted from time to time. Affari Taghna has not only provided viewers with an alternative to their weekend's entertainment providing a mixture of hot issues of the day with spontaneous humour, but also echoes every discussion for many days after each transmitted show.

 The Friday evening show has always kept an open mind in relation to its topics, anything is discussable and everyone is freely invited to discuss it along with Affari Taghna's choice of panel guests. Reviewing last year's Affari Taghna presentations, discussions varied from politics and constitution to religion, water and electricity bills and hunting to those more animated and carefree such as kids, humour, women of success and the Presidency of the Republic of Malta. Above all Affari Taghna has no hidden agendas and when discussing politics Affari Taghna knows the perfect balance and fairness.

 Affari Taghna has also stuck out from the many others for its ability to give anyone his/her time to express his/her opinion without being interrupted. This does not only stand for those who are members of the chosen panel but also anyone who wishes to send in comments on our means of communication, be it email, FaceBook or telephone line.

 Affari Taghna believes in the unheard voices of society and takes care to deliver them as to be heard in the most responsible manner. For this reason, Affari Taghna will be on live on air every Friday, from our new studios in Joanne Gardens.